Тема хаба НеЧеловек
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Это тема Calamity designed for use on articles in the UnHuman canon.

Adapted by Oboebandgeek99Oboebandgeek99 from CroquemboucheCroquembouche's Swirling Ashes theme. The theme also includes WoedenazWoedenaz's Centered Header BHL and Toggle Sidebar BHL.

The header goes through a 65 second long day/night cycle. Every evening, it begins to rain but dissipates in the middle of the night.


Note: This is a Black Highlighter based theme. You will need to import the Black Highlighter theme as well in order to use this theme. To learn more go here.

To import this theme, add this to your page:

[[include :scp-wiki:theme:black-highlighter-theme]]
[[include :scp-wiki:theme:calamity]]

Theme Colors

Eastern Blue--medium-accent(23, 152, 158)
Scampi--dark-accent(90, 90, 152)
Scooter--bright-accent(51, 201, 208)
Melrose--pale-accent(150, 150, 254)
Roman--sky-at-dawn(221, 93, 112)
Seagull--sky-at-morning(131, 192, 233)
Hippie Blue--sky-at-daytime(104, 153, 186)
Shuttle Gray--sky-at-evening(87, 98, 106)
Storm Dust--sky-at-dusk(99, 100, 90)
Mirage--sky-at-night(21, 25, 43)

UnHuman Logo

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The body font is Ubuntu.
The header font is Cabin Sketch.
The title font is Baumans.
The monospace font used is Space Mono.

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